My Projects

Flat TODO List

This is an offline webapp built with AngularJS. It's a basic TODO List with HTML5 Web Storage as database and nice flat design with some candy animations in CSS3. In this project I've used GruntJS for automating some tasks like compilation and minification. The web app is available here (Source: Github)

Pium Pium

This is my first game in Android, built with LibGDX Framework.The idea came up when I was playing with box2d physics, drawing rectangles and make them crash. I was amazed the fun it was and I made one of them fly. Then, I made the flying rectangle could shoot and the rest of rectangles were the enemies moving randomly over a terrain. Just imagination and some textures applied and voilá. Link to Play Store.

Batuta Hero

The BatonMan's sucessor. The idea was extended to reach this level of craziness. Link to Play Store.


A colleague from university gave me the idea of making an entertainment app which consisted in moving a baton and act like a orchestra director. If you stop, the music stops. That's just it. Link to Play Store.


Simple was my first Android app. I didn't know what to do and I was eager to develop for Android. So I was researching a bit and finally I made it using canvas in the whole app. That was crazy, but fun and sometimes is interesting get out of the common. Link to Play Store.